International School Ibiza
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  • Toddler Program (2-3 yrs)
  • Kindergarten (3-6 years)
  • Primary School (1-5 grade)
  • Middle School (from 11 year old)
  • High School (Available Soon)

Toddler Program:

- Toddler Center is conceived for children from 2 years old

After they begin to walk, children join the Montessori toddler community where basic motor coordination, independence and language development are fostered and individual personality is respected. Rather than a classroom, it is a nurturing social community where very young children experience their first contact with other children and learn to participate in a cooperative group.

A warm and caring environment together make our center a homely, nurturing yet stimulating place for your child to grow up developing his senses and skills at his own pace while supported and encouraged in his exploration of the world.

Along with the Montessori Materials and the daily living activities, in our center every day a different proposal is offered to the children according to their age and interests among the following: cooking, gardening and botany, psicomotricity, painting and art activities and music.

Kindergarten (3-6 yrs)

- “A child’s education begins at birth” M.M.

Children in the Kindergarten program possess what M. Montessori called the absorbent mind, the ability to absorb all aspects of one's culture and environment without effort or fatigue. As an aid to this period of the child's self-construction, individual work is encouraged.

The following areas of activity cultivate children's adaptation and ability to express and think with clarity:

Practical Life exercises install care for self, for others, and for the environment. Activities include many of the tasks children see as part of the daily routine in their home, such as preparing food and washing dishes. Through these tasks, children develop muscular coordination, enabling movement and the exploration of their surroundings. They learn to work at a task from beginning to end, and develop their powers of control and concentration. Sensorial materials serve as tools for development. Children build cognitive skills, and learn to order and classify impressions by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, listening, and exploring the physical properties of their environment.

Language development is vital to human development. The Montessori environment is rich in oral language opportunities, allowing the child to experience conversations, stories and poetry.

Science and culture are presented as extensions of the sensorial and language activities. Children learn about people and cultures in other countries with an attitude of respect and admiration.

Mathematics activities help children learn and understand the concepts of math by manipulating concrete materials. This work gives children a solid understanding of basic mathematical principles, prepares them for later abstract reasoning, and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities.

Primary School (1-5 grade)

“Culture must be learned through activities, with the help of materials that let a child acquire it by himself, pushed by the nature of his own mind and by the laws of his own personal development”, since “ culture is absorbed by a child through his own personal experiences.”* in an environment rich in occasions for discovery and work together.

Our Primary school is the place where a child acquires the abilities to explore the world pushed by his desire for knowledge. It is the place where skills related to the accomplishment of accademic work are developed: reading, writing, speech, mathematics, geographic, etc.

We follow an International Curriculum.

We propose French and Catalan optional lessons.

This is the period in which the child’s imagination takes him to discover the Universe, the Earth, its inhabitants and its environments. It is the period of great intellectual curiosity, of the joy of research, of the desire to participate and to share, of the sense of justice and of positive values.

Cultural values gained through a wide variety of specific materials and activities, are gradually perfected through “freedom of choice” and through self-discipline, then turning into instruments for exciting discoveries and then taking the child to abstraction and an even greater autonomy.

The class and school become a laboratory and place of research, a place for individual and group experiences, for creative and manual activities, for intellectual play and adventure, in an environment of mutual respect.

All of the core subjects are introduced in the thematic approach. The essential skills from these subjects are then explicitly taught during the daily proficiency lessons in mathematics and English. Students will be working on individual learning programs in mathematics and English across all grades. This approach enables all of the students to grow and thrive confidently in and a safe and supportive environment.

The thematic lessons are driven by student interest and designed to be developmentally relevant to the age and ability level of the children. In addition to the thematic lessons, our primary students are involved in the community-based activities for each class.

The world as a classroom

Children in the 6-12 age group are starting to realize that the world is an enormous, interesting place. They are primed to study continents, cultures, scientific concepts, and great literature. The world becomes their classroom.

The carefully developed elementary curriculum guides the child through identifying, classifying, and researching all of the fascinating concepts in each chosen field of study. The areas of practical life, language, math, geometry, botany, zoology, geography, and history are all represented in the classroom, with materials that lead the child to abstraction of the fundamental concepts in each area.

Middle School (From 11 years old)

While we prepare the children for high school, we focus our programs on a whole child approach, proposing a natural and stimulating experience for their special needs. We offer a lot of laboratory including art programs with visual and performing arts, drama, and sports. With our international curriculum, we go the extra mile, teaching students independently with thematic lessons.

High School (Available Soon)