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Support / Incentive fees

Our mission is to create a non-excusive school that is affordable for all of those who seek an exceptional education for their children. We would like to create a natural, holistic environment where children can express themselves and grow to be successful and independent. At the moment, the Green School Ibiza is 100% self-financed, but we’re making different types of fundraising in order to keep the fees lower for the families and propose incentives to the families who can’t afford the fees of an international school. We’d like to maintain a high quality level of education that is self-centered, natural and holistic. With a high number of passionate teachers, we hope to make many enjoyable experiences. The partners will provide to the Green school Ibiza the ecological building.

The Green School Ibiza would like to clarify that the proposed incentives for 2015/2016 are: €590 (full time, instead of €690).
We're agreeing with the families to keep the incentives for the futures years for families that enroll for.

The Green School accepts volunteering. All our goals consist of giving an extraordinary, natural, holistic, student-centered education; keeping fees low and helping more and more families to give this opportunity to their children.

We do this while maintaining high levels of education.

At the moment we’re proposing these possibilities:

Volunteering: active volunteering can help us to keep fees affordable. The partners will work at the Green School Ibiza as volunteers as well to help in anyway they can.

Support a student: If you would like to sponsor the fees of a child’s you will be making an honorable contribution and will have the opportunity to connect with that student personally and follow their progress at the Green School.

Events: Throughout the year and during the summer time, we’ll organize events open to everyone for school fundraising.

Parents volunteering in exchange for discounts: we’re proposing incentives to the parents that volunteer at school.

Donation: A little donation can go a long way for us!! You can help us considerably to keep costs lower and help more and more families.

Local artist: Starting next year, we’ll open the Green School to the world of art. We’ll gladly invite local artist to make their exhibits. Through fundraising, we’ll support the Green Project. We’re currently looking for some local artist who’d like to help us with the playground and the panel with the name of the Green school for the gate.

Bazar/Market: At the Green school Ibiza will be organized bazar / market to sell children’s work, parents works, etc.

Donate stuff: If you have something that you don’t want anymore and would like to donate it to the Green School Ibiza, we’ll recycle it!! We’re very happy to give a new life to your old objects!!

These are only some of the ideas that we have and we are working on!!!