International School Ibiza
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Green Workshop 3-6 years

September 2015 June 2016

Green School Ibiza workshops are nestled in nature with a vegetable garden, a natural playground, a forest, animals, and an abundance of native plants.

Green teachers attend to the best, research supported, methods from the full spectrum of leaders in the child development community. They combine a wide range of approaches that meet the needs of diverse learners. These leaders include Alfie Kohn, Gonzales, Erickson, Gardner (Multiple Intelligences), Montessori, Rogers, Steiner (Waldorf), and Reggio Emilia.

During the workshops, children have daily experiences that include individualized activities selected by the children and guided by the teacher. With an emphasis on outside exploration in our rich natural setting, they will try lots of different activities, featuring play based learning experiences that integrate counting, sorting, classifying, ordering, measuring, (pre-math concepts) health, safety, nutrition and character development. Children will be encouraged to read, listen to stories in the garden and they will have daily opportunities of drawing and writing.

The materials, books and nature logs provide fun ways for children to learn sound awareness, letter recognition, print awareness, and early writing skills. These integrated experiences support spoken and written language learning. Play-based learning for the whole child is the key to Green School Ibizas approach to child development. Our task is to support the development of the minds and spirits of the children. We are mindful of our actions in guiding the children taking care that these actions are best practiced in the field and supported by published scientific research into child development.

Green School Ibiza workshops are committed to fostering your childs excitement about learning as well as exploring and caring for the world around them. By empowering your child to make play choices we show respect for the childs individual growth process and encourage their inborn enthusiasm for learning and growing.

Our daily routine unfolds in a number of settings with a range of developmentally appropriate activity choices made by the children. This approach empowers a diverse group of children to get their needs met.

We recognize the inherent value of diversity and actively promote diversity in all facets of our practice.

Green School Ibiza completely believes in outdoor education and slow education.

This approach that uses experiential, value-oriented practices with participation is not new nor is it the exclusive domain of slow schools. The most well known schools following this approach are Montessori and Waldorf and they have been doing it for a long time. Most home schooling systems also use this approach. It is an approach that is interlaced with moral living values and stewardship ethics.

Growing Food at Green School Ibiza

We have an organic garden for growing food.The students are involved in all the steps of growing food from planting seeds to harvesting and eating. Children have opportunities to develop strength and confidence by climbing trees and other terrain with guidance from their teacher. Counting and sorting a variety of shells and natural materials found on the property forms a basis for more high-level math concepts.

WALKING IN THE FOREST: A nature walk is a good way to see what animals live in the meadow.

GREEN PLAYGROUND: The Green School Ibiza is a natural playscape that includes opportunities for children to explore sand in our big sandbox, water, and engage in imaginative play that sparks their natural curiosity.


Our mission is to have green activities for children 3-6 using a Montessori approach but also other active pedagogies. All the activities are linked following the principles of the outdoor education.

The teachers follow the growth of the children with a holistic approach, focused in a natural and student-centered education. Our ecological and sustainable workshops will inspire children to become creative and innovated leaders while teaching cooperation, communication and academic skills amongst many others.

We believe that a childs development is a natural process built with a successive series of independence. We encourage our students to act and think for themselves whilst exploring and creating their own educational path. Our goal is to provide an edu cational system with lessons that motivate entrepreneurship.

The workshops include taking care of animals, gardening the vegetable garden, and play / sports in nature. With the help of parents and teachers, the children will care for the animals and garden that will create a natural environment for them.

- A childs education begins at birth M.M.

Children ages 3 to 6 years old possess what M. Montessori called the absorbent mind; the ability to absorb all aspects of one's culture and environment without effort or fatigue.

As an aid to this period of the child's self-construction, individual work is encouraged. They are encouraged to play together co-operatively, taking turns and sharing and encouraged to

take into accounts others thoughts and feelings, to form positive relationships with both children and adults.

Green Workshop uses natural materials, will recycle and provide laboratories and art workshops with recycled materials. Our staff will not use PVC, with the exception of recycled items.


The Green School Ibiza is founded from a large group of investors and is open to involve other partners. At the moment, the Green School Ibiza is 100% self-financed, but were looking for support and creating different types of fundraising.

Green School Ibiza is an independent school. It is not associated with AMI or any other Montessori foundation because it is not an exclusive Montessori school. As well Green School Ibiza is not associated or linked to any Green School in Europe or in the world.Green School Ibiza will offer workshop and laboratories for children 3-6 for the year 2015-2016.Green School Ibiza is linked with Montessori School Genova and with Argentina School.

Green School Ibiza will open as workshops and laboratories for the year 2015-2016.There has to be a minimum number of children enrolled in order for the course to open. Green School Ibiza guarantees to give back to families 100% of the quote, not more.


Amy J.: Administrative coordinator handles public relations, event organizing, parent teacher relations, payments and more. She has volunteering experience at Montessori International School of Genova.

Julie M.: Bilingual, English and French Pedagogist. She has years of experience in schools. She is currently located and working in Switzerland. She may move to work at the Green School as it becomes bigger. She has dedicated her life to offer better education. She believes in the Green philosophy and has been practicing it through her daily life for a s long as she can remember. She studied pedagogy and the importance of outdoor education for children. She assists in opening new schools throughout Europe. Shes a big supporter of healthy eating and completely believes in a new way for education.

Virginia L.: Coordinator - will join us at various times of the year and will follow Green School Ibizas progress from Italy. She has a lot of experience in running schools and children events so she will work as our consulate from Italy.

Dr. Viola C. F.: Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst for adult and children, with over 10 years of experience working as a psychologist at childrens Hospitals (Gaslini Hospital in Genova and NPI Hospital of Rapallo).

She has the Montessori degree from Montessori International School Genova and she completed her studies to become a Montessori former at the Montessori Foundation (she is missing only the last exam).

She was part of Steiner parents and organized feast and Waldorf activities.

Viola has dedicated herself to providing quality education for children in a healthful and safe facility that is ecologically sustainable and intertwined with the natural world.

She worked as psychologist at an active pedagogy Montessori oriented in France. She helped the startup process of the Montessori International School Genova for over 4 years and now shell supervise teachers and will help the start up of the Green School Ibiza.

Vereda L: Our multi lingual teacher comes from Barcelona, Spain and is certified to teach in Catalan, Spanish and English. Her green lifestyle fits perfectly into our ecological passion. She has her graduate masters in Montessori from the University of Barcelona. She has worked helping schools that are trying to introduce new methodologies. She is currently involved in a project that is based oneducatingchildren through outdoor activities relatedto nature. She strongly believes that children need freedom to become responsible, kind, sensible and independence people.

Candice C.: English mother tongue comes from Vancouver, Canada. She has over 10 years of experience in childcare and teaching environments. Along with teaching, she practices her holistic lifestyle teaching yoga and working as a beekeeper. She received her AMI Montessori teaching degree from MTC-BC.

Kelly L: English mother tongue comes from London, England. Shell continue her teaching experience, growing with us at Green School Ibiza. She has previously lived on the island of Ibiza and is excited to come back and spread the green heart throughout the Green School Ibiza as well as the community. Her AMI Montessori degree comes from the Maria Montessori Institute in London England. She was educat ed at Berkhamsted Girls School in Buckinghamshire, where she gained her GCSE and A level qualifications. Kellie was a very active sportswoman, a competitive swimmer who represented her school and County at Netball, Athletics, Tennis and Lacrosse. Kellie also represented England U-19 girls at Lacrosse, including the World Cup in the US in 2003.

Kellie enjoys dance, music and travel, which she has done in Europe, Asia and extensively in the US.

Ana M: is from Coahuila, Mexico. She is Montessori certified for both ages 2-6 and 6-12 from Guía Montessori en Casa de Niños y Taller. Along with her Montessori degree, she has her bachelors degree in the sciences of education and her MSc in psychology that she received while studying in London. Her goal in life is to focus on the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the childs development. She chose to become an educator because she wants to make a positive difference in the lives, aspirations and opportunities of the new generations. Her previous experience teaching English as a second language makes her a wonderful addition to our Green Team.

Mia T.: She has a very high level of English and teaches yoga to children. Working with children and teaching yoga allows her to fulfill her two greatest life passions. She received her Montessori degree from the University of the Philippines and has been working as a childrens teacher since 2007.

Eva F.: Is from Madrid, Spain and speaks a high-level of English. She comes from a little tiny village in Asturias (the North of Spain). Being brought up there makes her appreciate the importance of being surrounded by nature is when you are a child. She has past experience teaching children in both London and Spain and is looking forward to applying her skills with this new teaching experience. She received her Montessori degree from the Montessori institute of London along with her bachelors in kindergarten teaching and primary English teaching from the University of Oviedo. She describes her educational experience as enriching in a personal and professional way, discovering her passion for working together with this school team with a common teaching green aim.

A. Yoga teacher: Passionate teacher with lots of experience in working with both children and adults spreads her infectious positive energy throughout the room durin g extra curricular activities.

F Soccer teacher: Lots of experience and very loved by children; enjoys playing with the ball during extra curricular activities.

Madhalsa: giving workshops to children and adults making mandalas,it's a fantastic way to make a creative meditation. She also works with papel mache creation,stained glass painting,drawing and painting from water color to oil on canvas.

Popa: works as a gardener, will help us with the vegetable garden, flowers, trees and with the animals.

Alain V.: Managing director of the staff at Montessori International School in Genova. With his experience in running hotels and schools, he will help us in the start up phase.

Toni M.R.: A native islander that completely loves every piece of grow and any stone and grain of sand of the Island. Hes been helping with this project and will continue to help with his green ideas and support.

Victor N.: Interior and exterior design consulate will help to provide the green materials and staff.

Lele M: designer from Milan is helping us to create the Green Logo. She will help us with her artistic abilities to create a beautiful environment

*Not all the teachers will be at the Green School for the first year. Depending on the number of enrollments, some of them will join us during the following years.

Green School Ibiza is an independent school. It is not associated at AMI or other Montessori foundation because is not an exclusive Montessori school.

As well Green School Ibiza is not associated or linked to any Green School in Europe or in the world.

Green School Ibiza is linked with Montessori School Genova and with Argentina School.